Make Time Now to Enjoy Vision for Life

Quality vision enhances the beauty of life’s moments with family and friends.

It’s interesting to see what we prioritize in our lives. We spend time on social media mindlessly watching videos or we spend money on things that within months we don’t use or actually forget that we have.

Yet vision – the one thing used in every minute of our waking hours – we often neglect to spend an adequate amount of time on to discover how it can be fixed for good.

I had the pleasure of talking with two people on separate occasions in the past 24-hours. During the course of conversation, I shared that I work for ReVision LASIK and Cataract Surgery. Both people expressed immediate excitement at hearing this and said they have always been curious about LASIK but never took the time to look into the specifics. Of course, my question to each of them was, “Why not?

Each began to share their stories and a variety of reasons holding them back from taking steps to learn more about LASIK options. These “why not” reasons were strikingly similar between each story but also very comparable to reasons I’ve heard before during similar conversations with others.

So why does LASIK interest my new friends? According to them; “I’m tired of wearing glasses.”, “My contacts are uncomfortable and tear easily.”, “Glasses and contacts are expensive and I just don’t have time to keep up with them.” Each of these are valid reasons for seeking permanent vision correction and shared by many who choose LASIK vision correction.

So what has stopped each of them from taking the next step to make an appointment for a complimentary consult to learn more about vision correction options? The myths commonly associated with LASIK procedures. Many have the misconception that they are not candidates for LASIK, it is a painful procedure, or LASIK only provides temporary vision correction. Lucky for them – and for anyone else in need of vision correction – none of those statements are actually true.

Clear vision impacts every moment of your life.

LASIK is a good option for patients with nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. Personalized treatment recommendations are provided based on lifestyle and vison evaluations. The average length of a LASIK procedure is 8 minutes per eye and many patients notice improved vision immediately, with most experiencing complete recovery in as little as 24-hours. The use of numbing drops and a mild sedative helps limit any discomfort during the procedure. LASIK provides a permanent shape change to the cornea and delivers long-lasting results.

After doing some “LASIK myth busting” with my new friends, I asked if they could spare a couple hours of their time for a complimentary evaluation. I asked, “What if you never had to purchase another box of contacts or another pair of back up glasses?”, “Would it be worth spending a few hours to evaluate and about fifteen minutes to permanently fix your vision – is that worth your time?

Both agreed – as many do once they know the facts – having a LASIK consult to learn about vision correction options is definitely time well spent.

LASIK is a personal choice and an investment in vision for life. Many patients are surprised to learn LASIK actually saves a significant amount of money over their lifetime versus contacts and even glasses. Not to mention saving countless minutes over the course of the day. A number of financing plans are also available to help make LASIK more affordable.

It’s so easy for me to talk about working at ReVision. I am always proud to share where I work and that I get to be part of the life-changing services we provide every day. Consider the people, moments and events that are most important in your life. Isn’t it worth your time to do what it takes so you can clearly see and enjoy what’s most important to you?

Call 1-800-475-2113 to begin your journey to clear vision with a complimentary LASIK consultation.

Contributed by: Alissa Fairchild, Administrator | Experiential

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