What To Know Before Getting LASIK

LASIK, what to know

Having a vision correction procedure is a life-changing decision and there are several things you should know before getting LASIK. It’s important to be well educated on all aspects of the procedure so you can be prepared before and after surgery.

What you should know before getting LASIK:
  • It is very important to follow all pre-surgery instructions.

    Your eye care professional will likely recommend you stop wearing contact lenses and/or makeup the week prior to your LASIK procedure. Although this may be inconvenient, it’s extremely important to follow these instructions.

    Wearing contacts alters the shape of the cornea. Not wearing them prior to your procedure lets your corneas return to their natural shape and allows the LASIK procedure to deliver an optimal vision outcome.

    Wearing makeup, lotions or perfumes may increase the risk of infection after surgery so it’s best to stop using these products before the procedure.

  • Eye drops cost extra.

    When getting LASIK, you will receive a list of drops to take before and after the procedure. In most cases, these drops are an additional expense not included in the total cost of the procedure.

  • Only numbing drops are used during LASIK; no needles or stitches.

    LASIK is an outpatient procedure and patients are awake during the entire process. A mild sedative is given prior to the procedure to limit discomfort.

    Numbing eye drops act as an anesthetic to totally numb the surface of the eyes. Stitches are not necessary. Following the procedure, protective goggles are worn for the next 12-24 hours to protect the eyes and prevent eye rubbing.

  • LASIK is a very quick procedure.

    The average length of a LASIK procedure is 8 minutes per eye. The use of a mild sedative helps limit discomfort. Many patients experience complete recovery in as little as 24-hours.

  • Many notice improved vision immediately after surgery.

    Taking a nap after the procedure is recommended to encourage healing and discourage eye rubbing. Most patients’ note improved vision after waking up from a 4 to 6-hour post-procedure nap.

  • You may experience light sensitivity.

    Many LASIK providers give patients clear goggles to protect you from rubbing your eyes following the LASIK procedure. However, in the days following LASIK, it’s also helpful to have a pair of dark sunglasses to help with any light sensitivity as things may appear brighter than usual.

  • The after-procedure eye drop schedule is lengthy and necessary.

    To promote healing, it’s important to use the post-procedure eye drops as instructed. In addition to expediting the healing process eye drops prevent infection. Skipping drops could jeopardize recovery and eye health.

  • Take time to heal.
  • Although most patients have clear vision and are comfortable driving independently to their one-day post procedure appointment, it’s important to take ample time to recover. Most patients quickly return to normal daily activities.
  • However, swimming and spending time in hot tubs is not recommended immediately following LASIK due to the risk of infection. Total healing time is extremely fast but it’s ultimately up to the patient to determine the right amount of time to take off work or engage in limited daily activities.
  • Ask if follow-up appointments are included.

    Some LASIK providers do not include the cost of follow-up appointments in the total cost of the procedure. If these are not included in the cost, additional charges will be incurred for these appointments.

    Typically, you will have three follow-up appointments following your LASIK procedure to make sure you are healing properly and there is no sign of infection. These appointments likely occur 1 day, 1 week and 1 month after the procedure.

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